LifeTips.Us 网站今天可能被某些无聊人士Hack了,采用的手法是MySql Injection. 我们正在联系webhoster修复数据库和追踪可疑Hacker ip, 希望能够及时恢复。 多谢大家的关注,如果你能够对MySql Injection的防范提供一些帮助,请联系LifeTips.Us[at]

另外针对可能存在的hacker, 套句陈导的名言: 人不能无聊到这个地步。

Our LifeTips.Us is probably being hacked by some boring guys this afternoon. We are fixing the prolem right now. Thanks for your support. Any additional help about how to prevent Mysql Injection is appreacited. You could contact me at LifeTips.Us[at]